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    Commitment for Quality

    When China's manufacturing industry is in crisis, we believe that the biggest crisis is not the economic downturn, but the biggest crisis in our hearts. The Chinese are smart, at least not as silly as the Japanese. As long as I make a strong effort, I will be able to surpass Japan in time. We are determined to have a place in the robotics industry. We should make contributions to the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing in the country 2025. We are determined to have a place in the robotics industry.

    Processing Equipment

    The company has large CNC machine tools and three-dimensional processing center

    Spraying Equipment

    Our company has a whole production line of baking paint

    Cleaning Equipment

    The company has a special cleaning department

    Coremaking Machine

    The company has perfect core equipment to complete your various core requirements

    Sand Preparing Machine

    Our company has the latest heat treatment furnace

    Accessories Various

    The company can produce and process Accessories Various

    JINGONGIs a professional casting and machining enterprises

    The production of various grades of autumn iron, iron castings, gray iron castings, cast steel parts
    And all kinds of high alloy cast iron casting and machining enterprises, professional wear-resistant cast iron

    Our services

    The leading products are construction machinery parts, reducer parts, auto parts, robot parts and so on. Products are mainly exported to the United States, Germany, Britain, Italy, Australia, Japan and other countries and regions.

    Casting technology

    Foundry company has the United States import level classification, no box, high pressure automatic molding line

    Processing workshop

    Processing workshops were set up by the Japanese big Kui horizontal machining center, vertical machining center, machining production line vertical CNC machine tools and other equipment.

    Precision instrument

    With direct reading spectrometer, furnace rapid analyzer, three coordinate tester, ultrasonic nondestructive flaw detector and other modern testing equipment and a variety of conventional testing equipment

    Machine parts

    Processing all kinds of surface casting infiltration alloy, mixing arm, mixer parts, reducer parts, pump body, valve body and compressor

    Smelting equipment

    Induction heating, its heat generated in the workpiece itself, so uniform heating, core table temperature is minimal. Application of temperature control system can achieve precise control of temperature, improve product quality and pass rate.

    Core making equipment

    The sand coated shell core equipment is made by using hot core box technology, which can shoot any complex sand cores, and has precise size and smooth surface, which can reduce the amount of castings.

    Our products

    The company's products are stable and excellent in material and appearance, and have been well known both at home and abroad.

    The casting has been awarded the "gold medal of high quality casting" for seven consecutive sessions at the China International Foundry fair, and won the honors of the advanced tax enterprises in the provinces and cities and the top fifty of the municipal enterprises.

    The big Kui 630 horizontal machining center

    RV reducer

    Vertical machining center

    Front and rear case of active transmission

    CNC vertical machine tool

    Crane block

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    CNC lathe

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    Pump body

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    Core part

    Heat treatment furnace


    Hunter moulding line

    About us

    Jincheng Jingong Casting Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989, the high town is located in the beautiful scenery, rich resources, convenient transportation of Jincheng City, covers an area of 30000 square meters, is the production of various grades of gray iron, ductile iron, high alloy cast iron, steel castings and professional casting machinery processing enterprises. Leading products: auto parts, engineering machinery parts, gear parts etc., are exported to the United States (IBCC, DANAHE), Germany, Britain, Italy (SICOMA, Rossi), Australia, Japan (Kubota, MITSUBISHI) and other countries and regions. Stable and excellent material and appearance quality has been well known both at home and abroad. The castings produced in the past ten years for five consecutive sessions, in the "China International Foundry Exhibition" won the gold medal.

    Product features

    Sand processing system and processing center and CNC equipment consisting of machining production line and other production equipment company has advanced vertical type injection molding line, horizontal parting microseism compacting molding line, self hardening resin sand molding line, double power frequency melting furnace, automation.

    • security
    • Efficient
    • Quick
    • Customer service

    Service process

    We guarantee that every customer enjoys excellent products and after-sales service




    Place an order








    Customer service

    Production workshop

    We use advanced production lines to provide you with quality products

    The big Kui 630 horizontal machining center

    Vertical machining center

    CNC vertical lathe

    CNC lathe

    Our technology

    Core making
    Reducer parts
    Mixer parts

    Historical sales data

    Product proportion

    Casting process

    The integration of the casting process, advanced equipment and skilled operation to complete the quality products you need

    Analog Design
    Automatic moulding
    Mold cooling

    Corporate Style

    Jincheng metalworking Casting Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988, the company's product stability two, excellent material and appearance quality, has been renowned both at home and abroad.

    Contact us







    Your contact information

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